Thursday, May 31, 2018

Yacht trip

On the yacht

And some of the leaders had a pleasant paddle during sunset !

Before being collected by rib and brought back to base camp !

Meanwhile patrol 1 of scouts went out on Andy's Yacht for an event sail

Explorer raft challenge completed !

Build a raft and make dinner & eat out on it !

Well done !

Preparing evening meal

Explorers then on their return continued their raft building challenge in the sun of the afternoon !

And the Explorers were put dinghy sailing

Meanwhile another 7 scouts made their way across to a Brownsea

Scouts returning from overnight expedition to Brownsea Island this morning. Well done to them all -
Thursday update

Weather a bit misty and showers this morning .

Severe weather warning in place but appears to have gone around us.

Now a beautiful evening at Cleavel Point Studland.

Photos from today's adventures to follow later .

8 scouts back from their expedition and now another 7 on Brownsea Island having paddles over in our new Canadian canoes .

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Joined tonight st camp by sailing instructor Andy Martin on board his yacht.

Tonight we have been kayaking .

Ice cream in Swanage !
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8 of the scouts are undertaking their 2 day expedition by canoe where they have paddled over to Brownsea Island passing Green & Furzey Islands . The rest of the scouts went afloat Dinghy Sailing. Whilst the explorers have returned from their 3 day exped safe and well !

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Monday, May 28, 2018

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Today (Monday) our scouts have been afloat dinghy sailing in poole harbour & visiting Swanage for ice cream !

Another hot & sunny day.

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Hello Mr Seal... 

Explorers have arrived safely at their first campsite on their expedition