Saturday, June 2, 2018

Explorers shooting

Explorers shooting

Boats loaded

Rifle Shooting prior to leaving site .

Lorry arrived & Loading kit !

Proof explorers can wash up !

Scouts off to join the yacht for the return voyage to Weymouth

Ryan's Birthday Today & cake and birthday song !

Investiture of Freddie this morning at camp .

Explorers at colours

Colours this morning

Delayed entry for today.

Early morning sunshine , calm sea, beautiful

Ideal to pack up camp, dry warm tents !

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eTA at parsonage farm 1700-1715 then unload lorry into tent store and also a van to the scout HQ probably an hours work for scouts and parents . Thanks

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Tonight we had a BBQ and then went swimming at a pool and had a shower each !

Today our second expedition patrol returned from Brownsea Island by Canoe

Our explorers were exam revising before dismantling their raft

And a patrol of scouts went dinghy sailing and also yachting.

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Video of raft challenge

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Yacht trip

On the yacht

And some of the leaders had a pleasant paddle during sunset !

Before being collected by rib and brought back to base camp !

Meanwhile patrol 1 of scouts went out on Andy's Yacht for an event sail

Explorer raft challenge completed !

Build a raft and make dinner & eat out on it !

Well done !

Preparing evening meal

Explorers then on their return continued their raft building challenge in the sun of the afternoon !